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Dear Friend,

Welcome to Chabad of the Rivertowns.

At Chabad you will find a warm, welcoming and non judgmental environment in which you can discover the beauty and relevance of our shared heritage.

In order for Chabad to continue serving the community we have founded the Chai Club membership.

Chai means life. The heart does a small thing. It pumps. We often don't think about the things that keep us alive. But they are so important. And the most important thing about the heart is…it needs to beat regularly.

As a member of the Chai Club, your regular monthly donation (combined with everyone else's) will provide consistent and regular services and programs to the Rivertowns Jewish community. 

The Chai Club is similar to the traditional "Synagogue membership dues," except that it's voluntary. It's Tzedaka rather than dues. (The Chai Club form suggests a "sustainable amount." This is the amount we need a substantial number of our participants to reach or exceed for us to continue serving the community) 

Don't worry; you can always increase or decrease the amount.  And the sum of all of our regular gifts together will create a Jewish community on a solid foundation and firm footing.

It's an easy, no-hassle way to make a difference every single month.

You will fuel the ongoing engaging classes. A Shul that welcomes all. Visits to those going through health challenges in the hospital, rehab or alone in senior homes. 

Please join the Chai Club today. You'll enjoy the convenient and effective giving, and you'll be so happy every time you think about the difference you're making. Why wait another moment? Please join today. Thank you! 

Click here for the online membership form

Chai Club Membership is not compulsory. All are welcome to attend any of Chabad's programs.