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Rebecca Dransfield, Tarrytown
In my early years, I felt distant from my Jewish roots and feared judgment for my limited knowledge. Discovering Chabad was transformative. Their welcoming, non-judgmental approach, filled with humor and warmth, has not only enlightened my children but also rekindled my connection to our heritage.
Laura Lucido, Irvington
Chabad’s Hebrew school has made learning about Judaism and the Hebrew language so meaningful, relatable, and fun for our daughter! She is already reading Hebrew in 1st grade! We love when she comes home excited to teach our family about the Jewish holidays and traditions.
Barbara Fixler, Tarrytown
Growing up, my Jewish identity was present, but my knowledge and connection felt distant. Then, I discovered Chabad of the Rivertowns. With every event, I've not only deepened my understanding of Judaism but also found a sense of belonging and made lasting friendships. Chabad has illuminated my life, making me a better person.

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Chabad is more than just a synagogue. It is a home for any Jew looking for a warm and spiritual place to grow. At Chabad, everybody's welcome. Come when you want. Leave when you want. Bring the whole gang. Treat your soul to something special. With a "come as you are" attitude, you'll feel right at home. No matter where you live, work or study, if you are looking for a place to express your soul, this place is for you.
Call 914 693 6100 to schedule a meeting with the Rabbi to find out more about Chabad and what it can offer you and your family.
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Truth is simple: it has no clothes, no neat little box to contain it. But we cannot grasp that which has no box. We cannot perceive Truth without clothing. So Truth dresses up for us, in a story, in sage advice, in a blueprint of the cosmos—in clothes woven from the fabric of Truth itself. And then, when we have finally come to a firm grasp of that teaching, Truth switches clothes. It tells us another story—entirely at odds with the first. It tells us new advice—to go in a different direction. It provides another model of how...