Welcome to Chabad's Bar and Bat Mitzvah Experience!

At Chabad, we understand that every child is unique, and their Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony should reflect their individuality and strengths. We pride ourselves on offering a customizable and personalized experience that goes beyond mere memorization of Hebrew verses.

Our approach goes beyond rote learning and focuses on understanding the significance of this important rite of passage. We aim to create a profound and meaningful experience for the child, their family, and their friends.

Not just a ceremony, but about being Jewish

The Bar Mitzvah is much more then a ceremony, it is about who we are. Our focus is on
experiencing the joy and depth of being Jewish. The ceremony is only one part of that.
The training and preparation for the Bar Mitzvah reflects that as well. The child is taught
the meaning of what it means to be Jewish and is given time to ask and reflect on his
becoming a Bar Mitzvah with the rabbi's and teachers he studies with.

Enjoy the whole experience

It is not just about the destination but the journey should be meaningful and enjoyable as well.

Keep stress to a minimum

It is not a contest