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JWC: Silkscreen and Pop Art Workshop

Chears and Tears
Perla Abeasis
Jill Abraham
Cheryl Baker
Linda Borkow
Lee Dayan
Michelle Frank
Beatrice Gottlieb
Linda Kaplan
Beth Nesic
Michelle Levine
Ona Podell
Linda Richter
Helene Sacher
Tova Ross
Doreen Samuel
Esther Schapira
Carol Scheiner
Judy Siegel
Anna Weiss
Shari Wels
Upcoming events
Nov. 12, 2019
Nov. 12, 2019
Lesson One ~ Gift of Rest.
The Sabbath is to the week what the line break is to poetic language. It is the silence that forces you to return to what came before to find it's meaning.
Nov. 13, 2019
Nov. 13, 2019
Join the Shmooze to discuss fascinating topics in modern society through the lens of Judaism.