How McDonald's Taught Me to Smile

Friday, 5 August, 2016 - 12:50 pm

A young girl once wrote to the Lubavitcher Rebbe in anticipation of a scheduled meeting between her father and the Rebbe. Her father, a community activist and leader, had always dreamt of retiring to Israel.

“Dear Rebbe, as you may know my father has always wanted to live in Israel. Please make him happy by giving him your consent and blessings to make Aliyah”

The Rebbe acknowledged the girl’s feelings but also gently reminded her of the importance of her father’s work in his community. “I have no doubt that he will feel in his element only in a place where he can fully utilize his knowledge and qualities for the benefit of others. Based on this you will surely realize that he will be truly happy if he continues in his present situation”

True happiness comes from fulfilling your purpose not your desires. Serving others, rather than oneself, is key to happiness.

This can be particularly challenging in today’s culture that places personal fulfillment and feelings above all else. (Is it any surprise that we are the most depressed generation of all time?)

As a young woman recently shared, “College taught me that my feelings are more important than anything. Working in McDonald’s taught me that serving others comes first”.

“At McDonald's, what mattered was not how I felt but how the customers felt…. My job was to make others happy!"
Perhaps this is the secret behind that McDonald's smile. mcdonalds.jpg

Shabbat Shalom 

Rabbi Benjy Silverman





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