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Does Your Calendar Reflect Your True Priorities?

Friday, 28 September, 2018 - 3:42 pm

Most mistakes in life stem from our failure to see the big picture.  We get carried away with the immediate and fleeting opportunity in front of our eyes, sacrificing something more important in the future. 

The Talmud states “Who is a wise man?” One who sees what will be born.” (Tamid 32a)

True wisdom, according to our Sages, is the ability to recognize the long-term consequences of our actions.  The wise man sees beyond the here and now, he sees the BIG picture.

This is why we leave our homes on Sukkot and live in a Sukkah, a temporary hut, for 8 days. This helps us reorient our priorities. Sometimes we get a bit carried away with the physical trappings of life. Entering the Sukkah and spending time there with our family and friends, while celebrating the holidays and connecting with Hashem, reminds us of what’s really important in life.  

The sukkah reminds us that life is transient and temporary, and therefore it’s not the “STUFF” that matters. 

They tell the story of the man who came to heaven holding a suitcase. 

The Angels asked, “What are you carrying?” He says “Can’t I bring my stuff?” They say, “that stays down on earth” 

So he says “Can I bring my body” ‘No, that gets buried” 

Finally he says “So what can I bring?”

To which the Angels answer “the only thing you can bring here are your choices”

Sukkot inspires us to ask ourselves, “What’s going to really count in the end?”.  Are we seeing the bigger picture?  Are we spending too much time and energy pursuing things that won’t matter in the long run anyway? Does our calendar reflect our true priorities? 

As wise people let's make sure that our actions are aligned with what’s really important in life!  

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