Going for Gold in Rio

Friday, 19 August, 2016 - 12:18 pm

Michael Phelps’ gold medals and purple circles, Simone Biles defying gravity and Aly Raisman’s anxious parents are highlights of the Rio Olympics that we won’t soon forget. But the moment that will be remembered forever, more than any other, is when Abbey D'Agostino stopped in the middle of her race to help another runner who had fallen. ( Headlines all over the world declared Abbey as the true Olympic champion.  

 Abbey is the real gold winner of the Rio Olympics.

What a great reminder:  You don’t have to make it to the finish line first to win the gold medal.  You can “win the gold” in the middle of the race too.

Actually, in real life, as many who have lived the rat race can attest to, there is no gold at the finish line. In life, the only place to win the gold is in the middle of the race. If you don’t find gold during the race, you wont find it at the end either; because if you are not happy with what you have, you will never be happy with what you get.

Abbey reminded us that the gold is right in front of our eyes, not at some elusive finish line.

Shabbat Shalom 

Rabbi Benjy Silverman

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