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How Do You React to Crisis?

How do you react to crisis?

Do you despair, become bitter and ask why me? Do you stand strong and weather the storm? Or do you see it as an opportunity?

In this week’s Torah portion we find that the very same snake that was the agent of destruction became the agent of healing (see Numbers 21:5–9)

The Hebrew word for crisis is Mashber. However, Mashber also means birthing-stool, because a crisis always carries the potential for re-birth and growth.  

Consider a seed. For a tiny seed to produce a majestic tree it must first rot in the earth.  As long as the seed remains in its shell, it is limited by that shell. It is the rotting that enables it to grow. Life works the same way. When facing a crisis we must remember that the “rotting” provides the opportunity for radical growth.

We all hope to avoid crisis, but when it is forced upon us, those who perceive crisis as an opportunity will be better positioned to act on it.

Just as in the micro so too in the macro. These days the world seems to be in a perpetual state of crisis. It is painful, confusing and dangerous, however the greater the crisis, the greater the opportunity.  Our responsibility is not merely to manage the crises but to find creative ways to transform them into opportunities.

May we merit that the crises that we are experiencing in the world today become the catalyst to a new world order of peace and prosperity.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Benjy Silverman

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