Erev Sukkot - Sunday, October 13th
Holiday Services 5:45pm
Dinner in the Sukkah: 6:00pm

Sukkot - Monday, October 14th
Sukkot Services 9:30am

Sukkot Sunday, October 15th
Morning Services 9:30am

Hoshana Rabba- Sunday, October 20th
Light Candles 5:50pm
Evening Services: 6:15pm

Shemini Atzeret - Monday, October 21st
Morning Services 9:30am
Simchat Torah Evening - Monday, October 21st
Simchat Torah Tot Parade & Hora with the Torah: 4:00pm
Simchat Torah Kids Shul Special edition: 5:45pm
Simchat Torah Family Celebration: 6:45pm

Light Candles: 6:48pm
Simchat Torah - Tuesday, October 22nd
Morning Services 10:00am