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According to Jewish tradition, a Bat Mitzvah reflects a major turning point in the life of a Jewish girl  and as such, we believe very strongly that every girl should celebrate this milestone in a meaningful  and traditional manner. 



We believe that no two children are the same and no two families are the same and we therefore 
strive to personalize this most meaningful lifecycle event to make it most meaningful, enjoyable and
 inspiring for your family.

Not just a ceremony, but about being Jewish

The Bat Mitzvah is much more then a ceremony, it is about who we are. Our focus is on experiencing
 the joy and depth of being Jewish. The ceremony is only one part of that. The training and preparation 
for the Bat Mitzvah reflects that as well. The child is taught the meaning of what it means to be Jewish 
and is given time to ask and reflect on her becoming a Bat Mitzvah.

Enjoy the whole experience

It is not just about the destination but the journey should be meaningful and enjoyable as well.

Keep stress to a minimum

It is not a contest


Community is very important

Through our own community involvement we show our children the importance of community.
 Making the Bat Mitzvah celebration a more communal event by inviting his Hebrew School
 classmates adds an important dimension to the experience.

Parental involvement very important

Your child's Bat Mitzvah experience is greatly enhanced when the parents are involved and 
participate in their child's Bat Mitzvah preparation.



The following is a description of a typical Bat Mitzvah service, which is approximately forty-five minutes
 to one hour. Six months of practice and preparation is typically necessary.


-     Welcome & introduction

-   Select prayers in Hebrew & explanations

-    Rabbi’s comments

-     D’var Torah on the weekly Torah portion and Haftorah or other Jewish topic.                                          

-    Parents’ Greeting

-      Cup of blessings ceremony – The Bat Mitzvah girl honors family members and friends by calling 
upon them to bless her over a cup of wine.

-    Yivarechicha Blessing

-     Study Session: The Bat Mitzvah girl leads an in depth and participatory study session on a Jewish topic
 of her choice

-      Candy Throw and Congratulations from Everyone



>       Reserve a date by completing the registration form

>    Contact the Youth director to setup tutoring  approximately six months prior to the Bat Mitzvah. 
All tutoring takes place at Chabad, 303 Broadway.  Tutoring sessions last  30- 45 minutes.  It is the parents' responsibility to ensure that the Bat Mitzvah girl reviews and prepares  during her own time. If necessary a tutor can be arranged for an additional fee. ($50 - $75 per hour). 

>     Attend the Bat Mitzvah Club.   The "Bat Mitzvah Club" serves as a forum for discussion and discovery,  encouraging the Bat Mitzvah girl to learn more about this unique time in her life

 The Bat Mitzvah girl chooses a ritual mitzvah in honor of her Bat mitzvah to follow for 1 week; 
e.g., Keep a level of kosher, make blessing before or after eating, say the Shema morning and evening, study Torah 15 minutes a day, observe the Sabbath or give charity, and fill out the Mitzvah report.

>      Provide the office with a proof of the invitation before it is sent to print

 Three weeks before Bat Mitzvah arrange a meeting with Rabbi to discuss honors chair rentals and to set 
a rehearsal date. Please bring a list of people you’d like to honor and a completed Shabbat Synagogue 
attendance sheet.

>   Arrange a rehearsal date one to two weeks prior to Bat Mitzvah

>    If you are catering a Kiddush or lunch/dinner arrange a meeting 3 months prior to discuss details with Hinda
 and Rabbi Benjy and caterer. 


We are proud to present you a variety of options to personalize your service and make this day, 
one to remember for years to come.


The Bat Mitzvah ceremony (as detailed on page 1) is followed by the Friday night service for all guests to attend, 
conducted by Rabbi Silverman. There will be separate seating and a Mechitza during the actual Shabbat service. 

In a Friday evening service, the Bat Mitzvah girl leads the women and girls in the candle lighting and blessing. 
In the winter the candle lighting will be at the very beginning of the ceremony, and in the summer, the candle 
lighting will be after the Bat Mitzvah ceremony but before the Shabbat evening service. Please remember that 
videos and cameras are only allowed until the Candle lighting service.

 After the service, the Kiddush is recited by the Rabbi or father/grandfather of the Bat Mitzvah girl. 
The family of the Bat Mitzvah girl may then hosts either a dinner or dessert reception.                     


The service can begin anytime after Shabbat ends. The Bat Mitzvah girl welcomes everyone and speaks 
about the Havdalah ceremony. She honors close family members by having them participate in parts of the service. 
Havdalah is recited by the Rabbi or the girl's father or grandfather, etc. and the Bat Mitzvah girls recite special Saturday
 night prayers. The ceremony continues as described on page one. The family of the Bat Mitzvah girl may then 
hosts either a dinner or dessert reception.


This Service begins with Mincha (afternoon prayer) one hour before the conclusion of Shabbat and includes 
a study session followed by the Havdalah service outlined above. 

You may have a photographer or video for the ceremony except for services that take place on Shabbat




>      Girl should be after 12th birthday (according to Hebrew birthday) on day of her Bat Mitzvah celebration.


>      Girl (and hopefully entire family) must attend Shabbat services at least 2 times a month as well as
 holiday services the year preceding her Bat Mitzvah.


>      The Bat Mitzvah girl should be modestly dressed, with her shoulders covered and her skirt to her knees.


>     All Food and liquor served after the service must meet the kosher standards of the shul.
 Please see the list of appropriate caterers for your reception.


We hope you find the following information helpful in your planning:


Caterers and Kosher stores

1066 wilmont road, Scarsdale
Phone: 914 472 2240


58 Jefferson Avenue, NJ
Phone: 201 666 9942

Phone: 917 806 8152 



For additional caterers please contact the Rabbi

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