Welcome to our Hebrew School/CTeen Junior Program for 7th graders.

The purpose of this all new program is to provide a deeper and more advanced Jewish education to our older students, looking beyond what is covered in their previous years at Hebrew School to find the deeper meanings in Jewish tradition.

Each Sunday mornings the CTeen Junior students will meet for dinner, social action, discussions on relevant Jewish topics and a variety of captivating guest speakers throughout the year. This advanced program will give our students the opportunity to enrich their own Jewish pride while giving back to the community.

In preparation for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah's the students will be focusing on a program called the Jewish Discovery Course. 
The course explores the foundations of Jewish identity and life through meaningful, exciting, and thought provoking workshops and classes.

Students will not learn about theoretical, elusive concepts—they will learn about themselves. The course explores the founding stories of the Jewish people to illuminate the stories of our own lives. It addresses basic questions of Jewish identity and Jewish life, such as: Who am I? What does it mean that I am Jewish? Why do I sometimes struggle with doing the right thing?

The program will be held at LIFE the place to be in Ardsley from 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. The Aleph Champion program is available for students that would like from 12:00- 12:20 p.m. Please let us know prior to the School year if your child can benefit from doing Aleph Champ.

To register your 7th grade son/daughter in this exciting program, click here.

Dates of our Cteen Jr. program are the same as our Hebrew School program. To see those dates Click here