Chabad Hebrew School Wishlist:

Any of the items below can be done in memory of someone or in honor of a special occasion. Please let us know

Aleph Champ incentives- 5.00 x 100 students= $500 (can also be donated in multiples of 10)

General incentives- $180

Shofar Factory- $360

Family Education day- $1000

Shabbat dinner for HS Families- $500 

Menorahs with Dad activity- $360

Aleph Champ reader- $10

Cap-it program for one class- $500-800

Prayerbooks/Siddurim for one class- $250 (available for 4 classes)

Co-Sponsored by Bree and Ed Robin

Personalized CHS Kippahs for the school- $200

Jewish birthday packages for each student $250 

Month worth of snacks- $120

Classroom table- $120

Whiteboard easel- $120

Gift card to Amazing savings- $Any amount

Gift Card to Staples- $Any amount 

Security guard - $300 per week