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Hebrew School Wishlist

Hebrew School Wishlist



Chabad Hebrew School Wishlist:

Any of the items below can be done in memory of someone or in honor of a special occasion. Please let us know

Aleph Champ incentives- 5.00 x 100 students= $500 (can also be donated in multiples of 10)

General incentives- $180

Shofar Factory- $360

Family Education day- $1000

Shabbat dinner for HS Families- $500 

Menorahs with Dad activity- $360

Aleph Champ reader- $10

Cap-it program for one class- $500-800

Prayerbooks/Siddurim for one class- $250 (available for 4 classes)

Co-Sponsored by Bree and Ed Robin

Personalized CHS Kippahs for the school- $200

Jewish birthday packages for each student $250 

Month worth of snacks- $120

Classroom table- $120

Whiteboard easel- $120

Gift card to Amazing savings- $Any amount

Gift Card to Staples- $Any amount 

Security guard - $300 per week 

Free Kindergarten Tuition!
Upcoming events
Dec. 17, 2017
Chanukah Village Day Celebration in Irvington, Magic Show, Inventor Mentor, Horse and Buggy ride, holiday crafts, latkes, fun and more!
Jan. 07, 2018
Jan. 14, 2018